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We are really happy to be part of this celebration to Beethoven in his 250th anniversary!
Today, with the Cotopaxi Academy, promoting the following campaigns:

Paypal (Outside of Ecuador): https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/orquestajovenec

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Cuenta Corriente Banco de Guayaquil
Nombre: Fundación Amazonart
Número de Cuenta: 34413053
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Buenplan (In Ecuador): https://www.buenplan.com.ec/event/dona-esperanza-orquesta-joven-ecuador

Why donate

The Youth Orchestra of Ecuador is an artistic project that promotes a humanitarian message. Today, they need your help to support the lives of musicians who cannot continue making art. With this campaign you support more than 200 teens and children, 150 families, people with disabilities; artists who are committed to the future of Ecuador. Help us to continue our humanitarian mission through art! You can join us as part of any of the following categories, named after renowned composers.

Youth Orchestra of Ecuador

Founded in 2016 by Maestro Diego Carneiro, is formed by more than 200 children and young people, who participate in the Youth Orchestra, Youth Chorus, Children Orchestra and the Kids’ Center Chorus. It is the executing arm of Amazonart NGO. It’s one of the most renowned musical agrupations in the country, with titles and recognitions like: Vicente Rocafuerte Legislative Decree, by the National Assembly, Ambassadors of Tourism of Ecuador, Recognitions from the United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Culture, Embassy of Brasil in Ecuador, Embassy of Ecuador in France, Embasy of Ecuador y Brasil, Consulate of Ecuador in The Hague, among others. It won the First Prize cum Laude in the European Music Festival for the Youth (Belgium), leaving the name of Ecuador in a high place. Recently, the orchestra performed in the Cultural Night of the XII Global Forum for Inmigration and Development, with this, it has presented more than 300 concerts in national and international scenarios, being broadcasted in important media such as DW, CNN, France 24, BBC, Radio France International and more.


Is a Non Gubernamental Organization registered under the Ministerial Agreement No. DM-2018-195, date October, 26th, 2018. Our mission es to Change Lives Through Music, supporting and promoting arts and musical education for children, young people and migrants in a vulnerable situation, low income and dissabilites. First founded in London and present in Quito since 2018, it is headed in the Yellow Patrimonial House, located in the avenues 18th of September and 6th of December. It works as a Cultural Center for artists and general public.

In January 2020 the Orchestra made an arrangement with the University of the Hemisferes of Ecuador, where the orchestra’s instructors teach and the students can receive a diploma from said University. To this date we have 50 students in this plattform. Today, the Orchestra causes a possitive social impact towards thousands of people through their musical programs of education and performance. In addition, it promotes the campaign Instruments for Hope, that brings opportunities for talented young musicians who need support to continue their education .

Due to the Sanitarian Emergency for COVID-19, our musical activities have been suspended and cancelled. Our members, talented young musicians who have no enough resources, need your support to keep their development, ancinue their musical education and their lives. The sector of musicians, artists and cultural promoters is specially affected during this quarantine. We thank you for all the support you can give us to keep carrying our message of integration and union among cultures.

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